Wester Suburbs Triathlon Club - Policy & Governance

Policy & Governance Overview

As a Triathlon Australia Member you acknowledge that you agree that you have read and understand the Triathlon Australia Membership Policies/Guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the Triathlon Australia Membership Policies/ Guidelines please do not hesitate to contact Triathlon Australia on email: info@triathlon.org.au

As a Triathlon Australia Member you agree and acknowledge that if you fail to comply with any of the Triathlon Australia Membership Policies/Guidelines that Triathlon Australia may at its discretion suspend and or cancel your Triathlon Australia Membership. Triathlon Australia may also impose disciplinary measures as set out in Triathlon Australia’s Member Protection Policy.


Please see the information below regarding WSTC vacancies/nominations.

WSTC - Committee Nomination Form


The following are policies adopted by Western Suburbs Triathlon Club (derived from Traithlon Victoria policy).

WSTC - Safeguarding Childern Policy

WSTC - Child Safety Code of Conduct

WSTC - Volunteer Individual Commitment

WSTC - Child Safety Reporting Process

Triathlon Victoria - Privacy Policy

For all Triathlon Victoria Policies, including the Triathlon Australia Constitution, Triathlon Australia Strategic Plan, Triathlon Australia Member Protection Policy and Triathlon Australia Anti Doping Policy

Triathlon Victoria Policy & Governance   Triathlon Australia - Integrity in Triathlon

For all Triathlon Australia Race Competition Policies & Documents.

Triathlon Australia - Race Competition Rules

Safety Notices

Notification of Safety Notices by both Government bodies and private parties are noted here with respect to event operations

Marine Safety Public Notice - Triathlon Series 2022/2023