WSTC Event Volunteers

Like any volunteer organisation, WSTC relies on its members to assist at various times per year to ensure its events (both big and small) are run successfully to the benefit of its members. As a competing member there is an obligation to ensure that you volunteer once a season to assist in either a Duathlon or Triathlon event. Good thing is you can still help and compete so you won't miss out as we have a number of roles assisting in things from Registration, transisiton set up or riding around in the van putting out signs. All are important tasks to contribute to a great race.

Plus there are some very good proven reasons as to why volunteering is a great thing;

Top 6 Reasons to Volunteer
1. Volunteers live longer and are healthier (this can only be a good thing to help your race times!)
2. Volunteering establishes strong relationships
3. Volunteering is good for your career
4. Volunteering is good for society
5. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose
6. And most importantly - WSTC will buy each volunteer a hot beverage on the day (clearly trumping the other 5 reasons!)

Now that you know the benefits of volunteering and would like to ensure your name is on the list to fully obtain these you can follow the link below and sign up.

Volunteer Registery »

There are roles for members who wish to still compete on the day and those who will be available during the event for volunteer roles;
Competing Roles
1. Registration assistance
2. Transition Setup
Non-Competing Roles
1. Registration assistance
2. Transition Setup
3. Traffic Management
4. Marshalling
5. Race officials

If you have any questions about volunteering for event days or the roles required please feel free to e-mail our volunteer coordinator.

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