Season Championship Points Board - 2018/2019

Points for each event within the Duathlon and Triathlon season are recorded and provided below according to the championship points allocation rules for Western Suburbs Triathlon Club.

The tables below provided the current standings of points allocation for each individual event that has been completed for the current season. The method in which points are allocated to competitors for both Duathlon and Triathlon events can be found after the points tables below.

Duathlon Points - 2018/2019 Series
 15/07/2018 - Race 1: Duathlon Series 2018/2019
 Duathlon Sprint Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Jarrod Page01:05:31.001000
Brendan O'Loughlin01:05:58.00993
Simon Anderson01:06:20.00988
4Calvin Amos01:08:21.00959
5Rene Rutze01:13:08.00896
6Adrian Wrout01:13:11.00895
7Darren Eaton01:13:17.00894
8Sam Stewart01:13:58.00886
9Stephen Hanlon01:20:48.00811
10Neal Ames01:22:46.00792
11Tin Nguyen01:23:08.00788
12Murray Walls01:23:57.00780

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Peta Faragher01:25:48.001000
Louise White01:35:10.00902
Melissa Rutze01:36:02.00893

 Duathlon Enticer Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Stuart Evans00:47:53.001000
Steve Cooper00:57:53.00827

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Lucinda Rourke00:49:28.001000
Emma Govan01:03:49.00775
Amber Karutz01:11:44.00690

 19/08/2018 - Race 2: Duathlon Series 2018/2019
 Duathlon Sprint Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Brendan O'Loughlin01:07:40.001000
Rene Rutze01:16:29.00885
Sam Stewart01:18:52.00858
4Edward Waller01:21:53.00826
5Stephen Hanlon01:22:25.00821
6Liam Green01:28:09.00768
7Brian Curren01:37:25.00695

 Duathlon Enticer Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Stuart Evans00:49:01.001000
Tim Foster01:03:20.00774

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Emma Govan01:10:15.001000

 02/09/2018 - Race 3: Duathlon Series 2018/2019
 Triathlon Victoria Duathlon Sprint Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Brendan O'Loughlin00:59:08.001000
Benjamin Galea01:00:24.00979
Calvin Amos01:00:41.00974
4Carl Fannon01:02:30.00946
5Liam Green01:05:39.00901
6Adrian Wrout01:07:34.00875
7Sam Stewart01:07:42.00873
8Ben Aitken01:10:47.00835
9Stephen Hanlon01:12:07.00820
10Tin Nguyen01:14:40.00792
11Neal Ames01:15:25.00784
12Steve Cooper01:18:16.00756
13Brian Curren01:23:00.00712
14Tim Foster01:24:01.00704

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Peta Faragher01:20:23.001000
Louise White01:27:39.00917

 Triathlon Victoria Duathlon Dash Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Stuart Evans00:36:29.001000
Matthew Curtis00:48:58.00745
Matt Ellis00:49:50.00732

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Lucinda Rourke00:36:27.001000
Laura Whitfort00:48:31.00751
Anna Edwards00:51:42.00705
4Amber Karutz00:52:46.00691

 21/10/2018 - Race 4: Duathlon Series 2018/2019
 Duathlon Sprint Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Brendan O'loughlin01:02:15.001000
Calvin Amos01:05:08.00956
Adrian Wrout01:10:55.00878
4Sam Stewart01:11:08.00875
5Ben Aitken01:12:35.00858
6Dominic Mclaughlin01:18:47.00790
7Tim Foster01:24:16.00739
8Stephen Murphy01:28:09.00706

 Duathlon Enticer Course
 Male Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Stuart Evans00:40:17.001000
Jai Keighery00:40:23.00998
Peter Whyte00:49:56.00807
4Steve Cooper00:51:38.00780

 Female Athletes
 AthleteFinish TimePoints 
Emma Govan00:55:30.001000
Amber Karutz01:00:05.00924

Points Allocation Rules

The points calculation follows the criteria as set out below;

In each race points are awarded to determine male and female overall and age group club champions

  • Each year there are two series: Duathlon followed by Triathlon
  • Points are scored separately for the Sprint and Enticer races
  • Only current WSTC members can score points
  • Age groups are based on the age at 31st December – so for 2018/2019 season Duathlons in 2018 and Triathlons in 2018/2019 ages will be calculated at 31st December 2018

Race Scoring

Race scoring will be calculated as per the formula below;

  • The fastest WSTC competitor (both male and female) score 1000 points
  • Other athletes earn points by comparing their time with the winning male and female time
  • The points are calculated by dividing the winning time by the athletes time. So if the winning time was 1 hour (60 minutes) and your time was two hours (120 minutes), you would score 500 points. If your time was 1 hour 30 mins (90 minutes) you would score 667 points
  • This means that each minute is worth about 15 points in the Sprint race and 20 points in the Enticer race

Championship Scoring

Points eligibility will be considered based on the following criteria for minimum and maximum events;

  • Final results are calculated using the best three (3) races in a five (5) race series or the best four (4) races in a six (6) race series